This weeks Featured new product:

Reuseit reusable cart bag. Folds up for storage, expands to hold lots of products even in your grocery cart! Come check it out today.

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Just in, fresh organic fruits and vegetables!

Kale: $2.10/bunch
Lemons: $1.29 each
Broccoli: $3.15/bunch
Avocados: $1.25 each
Blueberries: $3.99 each
Asparagus: $3.69/bunch
Red onions: $2.25/lb
Ginger: $8.50/lb
Brussels sprouts: $2.80/lb
Mandarin Tango: $2.35/lb

This Months Deals:

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Natural Provisions, locally owned and operated, is located in a former Baptist Church built in 1840. Known as “Today’s General Store”, we offer a wide variety of products and great customer service. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the large selection as you visit each room.