Just in, fresh organic fruits and vegetables!

Cantaloupe:  $3.39 Each

Kale:  $2.30/bunch
Broccoli:  $3.65/bunch
Cameo Apples:  75¢ Each
Blackberries:  $3.60/container
Blueberries:  $3.60/container
Strawberries:  $4.25/1lb container
Cauliflower:  $3.60 each
Lemons:  $1.35 each
Hass Avocados:  $1.20 each
Forest Medly Mushrooms:  $4.40/container

Carrots:  $1.50/1 lb bag
Garlic:  $7.20/lb
Russet Potatoes:  $1.35/lb
Russet Potatoes:  $4.99/10 ln bag
Butternut Squash:  $2.15/lb
Kabocha Squash:  $1.50/lb
Spinach:  $6.97/lb
Mesclun:  $7.38/lb
Ginger:  $8.45/lb
Red Onions:  $2.25/lb
Yellow Onions:  $1.39/lb
Mandarin Tangos:  $2.25/lb
Jewel Yams:  $1.99/lb
Bananas:  99¢/lb
Zucchini:  $1.70/lb
Brussels Sprouts:  $3.99/lb

This Months Deals:

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Natural Provisions, locally owned and operated, is located in a former Baptist Church built in 1840. Known as “Today’s General Store”, we offer a wide variety of products and great customer service. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the large selection as you visit each room.